About us

Baltic Tech Talents

Baltic Tech Talents, headquartered in the heart of the Netherlands, is a specialized tech recruitment firm, facilitating seamless career transitions for Lithuanian tech professionals into the Dutch tech industry. Established in 2023, we have been focused on leveraging the limitless potential of global collaboration.


We envision a future where the borders of nations pose no barrier to the exchange of talent and ideas. Through our work, we aim to bring the world closer together, one placement at a time.

Our Mission

Empowering Global Collaboration, One Placement at a Time

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the burgeoning demand in the Dutch tech industry and the rich pool of tech talent in the Baltic region. We aim to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem where innovation and ambition know no bounds, while ensuring ethical recruitment practices that respect the aspirations of our talents and the needs of our clients.

We are ready to serve you differently.

At Baltic Tech Talents, we take a personalized approach to recruitment. We believe that every employer is unique, just like every candidate. We take the time to understand the specific needs and goals of both our clients and our candidates to ensure a perfect match every time.

Our Team

Building Connections, Harnessing Expertise

Our team is led by our co-founders Firat, Serdal and Giedrė, a dynamic trio with extensive experience in HR, the tech industry, and legal matters. Giedrė, originally from Lithuania, leverages her deep understanding of the Lithuanian talent scene, while Serdal’s comprehensive knowledge of the Dutch tech business landscape is invaluable to our operations. Firat, our legal specialist, not only ensures the smooth handling of all legalities involved in international recruitment, but also drives our strategic planning with his insights into international employment laws and regulations. Together, they’ve formed a robust network of partnerships in both regions, effectively making Baltic Tech Talents a bridge for outstanding tech talent across borders.


Our leadership team brings together decades of experience in both the Dutch and Baltic tech sectors. They provide strategic vision and drive our commitment to connect top tech talent with rewarding opportunities.

Recruitment Team

Our recruitment professionals possess deep industry knowledge and recruiting expertise. They excel in identifying the best tech talent, ensuring a perfect match with our client companies' needs.

Support Staff

Our support staff handle essential administrative, legal, and logistical tasks. They ensure smooth operations and a seamless recruitment process, from immigration to daily office management.

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